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Mel Anne Designs Photography Sessions

Terms & Conditions


The scheduling of any sessions will be done between the client and myself (Mel Anne) directly. The agreed upon date and time is considered "booked" once decided and officially reserved once a 50% deposit has been received. If for any reason there is a lag in time between the scheduling conversation and the deposit being made, I will make an additional attempt to collect the 50% deposit before booking another client for the agreed upon date and time. 


A minimum 50% deposit is required in order to officially reserve the agreed upon date and time. This deposit is non-refundable. Should inclement weather or other uncontrollable situations prevent the session from occuring on the originally scheduled date and time, the deposited amount will be valid for the rescheduling of a similar session for up to 3 months from the originally scheduled date and time (6 months for Extended Family Packages). Once this amount of time has passed, the deposit is considered forfeited. 

Any remaining balance will then be due in full no later than the day of the session prior to any pictures being taken

All payments may be made through Venmo (@MelAnneDesigns) or electronically directly through the emailed invoice. If a payment method other than those listed above is required, this will handled on a case-by-case basis. 

Photographer Responsibility

I, Mel Anne, pledge to act in a professional -- yet still fun! -- manner and come to your session prepared with the proper equipment, creative thinking and personality.


I also commit to the following:

  • Spending the agreed upon amount of time with you, the client, while also remaining mindful of little ones' (or not so little ones') attention span and patience levels.

  • Delivering a few "sneak peek" images via text within 7 days of your session occuring.

  • Delivering all final edited images by way of a password-protected online gallery within the promised timeframe.

  • Working with you to find a reschedule date within 3 months of the originally scheduled time if necessary (6 months for Extended Family Packages).

  • Contacting you within 24 hours of a session date and time if a reschedule will be needed from my end (unless other emergency out of my control would occur).

Client Responsibility

While I will do all in my power to make your session amazing (see "Photographer Responsbility" above), your preparation and work will also greatly contribute to the session's success. Therefore, please consider the following when preparing for your session:

  • Read over all information provided prior to your session thoroughly and carefully. This includes these Terms & Conditions, the Session Details email sent when scheduling and any "Tips & Guidelines" sheets which may have been provided.

  • Give everyone in your group a pep talk (specifically the littles and any begrudging adults) -- remind them that the bigger they smile and the more easily they cooperate the more smoothly and quickly the session will go :) Share the "Tips & Guidelines" with them as well!

  • Cell phones and bulky "smart" watches should be left at home or in the car. Pockets are not ok places to keep these items as they cause unsightly lumps and bumps when posing. And trust me, you won't need to know what your pulse was during the session when you look at the pictures 5 years down the road :)

  • If at all possible, let me know within 24 hours of your session date and time if rescheduling will be necessary. 

  • If a pet or pets will be included in your session (please be aware this incurs an additional fee), please be sure to have a leash available and plenty of treats to aid in posing and attention-getting ;)

  • If any equipment (camera, lens, props, blankets, etc) suffers damage as a result of uncontrolled children and/or pets during your session, the cost to clean, repair or replace the damaged equipment will be the client's responsibility.


If anyone involved in the session is feeling unwell or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the 10 days leading up to your session, please contact me to reschedule -- I also pledge to you to do the same. Mel Anne Designs will not be held liable should anyone contract the virus after a session is complete. Should you desire me to wear a mask during your session it is your responsibility to make this known prior to the session day.

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